Rica Stays works closely together with carefully selected partners who share the same entrepreneurial spirit and love for Ghent.

Atelier Turquoise

Atelier Turquoise is our other company, an interior label focusing on colorful design.The artwork, ceramics and some furniture are made by our designers at Atelier Turquoise.Webshop



Born in La-Roche-en-Ardenne and developed and refined in Ghent, this hoppy beer combines Walloon passion and Flemish perseverance. An exceptional Belgian product that owes its name to a Flemish and a Walloon Belgian. Independently of each other, they had the same inspiration. So they named the youngest descendant of the Belgian beer paradise… L’Arogante. More Belgian you can’t get!

Château La Haye

Château La Haye has a very long tradition and is one of the oldest chateaus of St. Estèphe. The first vineyard goes back to 1557 when Janot Bernard planted the first vines. This property has stayed in the same family for 370 years until the Belgian Chris Cardon bought the property in 2012. The terroir is 19.50ha and the average vine age is between 40 and 50 years. The planting is very dense: 8300 vines per hectare. The harvest is done manually.

Fietsen Roman

Vintage bikes, fixed gear bikes, repair shop.Get your bike at Fietsen Roman! 

De Zonneschijn

Our laundry service partner who delivers pristine linnen by De Witte Lietaer, a Belgian linen company.